Week in Struggle: March 13-19

long live Comrade Juan Manuel!

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Ecuador: The Communist Party of Ecuador Sol Rojo announce the death of a veteran comrade Juan “Taita” Manuel Anaguarqui. The name Taita is a term of endearment for a leader meaning father or uncle. Comrade Taita Manuel died of illness at the age of 70, he was an indigenous communist and peasant leader. He founded many peasant organizations including the Ecuarunari, Union of Peasant Organizations of San Juan, and the Chimborazo Indigenous Movement.

Known by his comrades and revolutionaries as a, “tireless and indomitable fighter” he is remembered for his combative entry into the revolutionary struggle for the land in 1974, where he was seriously injured and Comrade Lázaro Condo fell martyr to the state.

Comrade Taita Manuel was a co-founder of the Communist Party of Ecuador Sol Rojo, and the first from his home to uphold, apply and defend Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought.

Graffiti has begun to appear commemorating Comrade Taita around the world.

Honor and glory for comrade Juan Manuel! Long live the Communist Party of Ecuador Red Sun


Mexico: Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo (The Current of the People Red Sun), a revolutionary organization has declared its plans to march on March 18th, the day observed for revolutionary political prisoners historically by the Communist International. The revolutionaries are not stopped by the COVID-19 scares concealing deepening imperialist crisis. Along with revolutionary students, Sol Rojo, exposes the hysteria caused by the ruling class, and calls the masses to mobilize in the fight. On their blog, Sol Rojista, they state: 

“The reactionary government wants the people locked up in work and home. The people must take to the streets and defend their rights! This March 18, flood the streets with the red flags of the New Democratic Revolution.”

USA: the Boycott of the 2020 elections continues in the southern states, with uneven development across the country. Revolutionaries vow to continue the struggles for work or wages in the face of massive layoffs in the service industry.  

Revolutionary organization Popular Women’s Movement remains defiant of state repression and held a memorial for a slain working mother of three, Veneranda Martínez-Gutiérrez in the working class neighborhood of Montopolis in Austin, Texas. The women revolutionaries acted in defiance of both the recent mass arrest on March 8th, and the COVID-19 hysteria propelled by the state. PWM-MFP mobilized community members and the family of Veneranda to place a memorial at the site at which she was killed.

Community members and revolutionary women gather to honor Veneranda Martínez-Gutiérrez
One of Veneranda’s sisters, placing stones by the new memorial.

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