Week in Struggle: March 20-26

Featured Image, give us work or give us wages banner Austin, Texas

Ireland: Revolutionaries from the mass organization Anti-Imperialist Ireland defied the bourgeois induced panic to assemble a surprise picket in front of Dublin City Council to demand an “immediate stoppage of rent and mortgage payments and to call for the Irish working class to organize an All-Ireland Rent Strike if these measures are not quickly introduced.”

AIA outside of Dublin City Council

The next night they carried out a soup distribution to rally the people around their demands, which include opening up vacant houses for the homeless. They reported, “This wasn’t an act of charity as we took the time to engage the homeless community about real solutions to their situation, including opening all vacant houses across Ireland to accommodate our homeless and discussing revolutionary politics and the need to combat and Resist the Free State Garrison Class, who the homeless are all too aware are responsible for their plight.”

Revolutionaries cannot relent in their vigilance to serve the people and fight for their rights, the Irish comrades set a fine example for others that have been sluggish to respond to the New Depression.

Mexico: Revolutionaries in Mexico commemorated the two-year anniversary of the death of Comrade Javier López Martínez, known as Red Commander, last week due to respiratory failure. His passing was reported Saturday on the blog Sol Rojista, the organ of Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo (Current of the People Red Sun). According to a memorial released by the blog, “Comrade Red was a combative, upright man, dedicated entirely to his work within our organization, which was forged with his iron hands.”

Comrade Javier Lopez Martinez, lives on in the hearts and struggles of the people!


USA: Charlotte, North Carolina. Activists carried out an action against Skylark, a fascist bar. Bar owners Justin Driscoll and Joshua Taddeo, have been seen around the city sporting Nazi paraphernalia, making racist comments online, and allowing racists to perform at the venue. Activists pasted posters with the pair of fascists and painted the words “Nazi Bar” over a mural on the side of the building.

Skylark, a Neo-Nazi owned bar targeted by activists

Throughout the working class neighborhoods, posters have been seen supporting the 2020 election boycott campaign. The posters read “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” and “every four years the ruling class chooses, no matter who wins the working class loses”

Election boycott posters seen in Charlotte, NC

Austin, Texas. A large red banner appeared Monday morning reading, “give us work or give us wages!” along with a large hammer and sickle appeared on the 12th street overpass above Interstate Highway 35. This is the slogan put forward by revolutionaries in response to the massive economic crisis only made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. The banner remained in place for over 24 hours.

“Give Us Work or Give Us Wages” banner which hung over IH35 in Austin for more than 24 hours

Elsewhere in the city, graffiti appeared honoring the recently deceased Taita Manuel, co-founder of the Communist Party of Ecuador Sol Rojo as well as several revolutionary peasant organizations. The graffiti read, “Honor y Gloria Para Taita Manuel” (Honor and Glory for Taita Manuel).

“Honor and Glory for Taita Manuel”

Throughout the working class neighborhood of East Riverside, large displays of graffiti appeared with revolutionary slogans like “US imperialism is the real virus, socialist revolution is the cure!”, “COVID-19 is a scapegoat for the new depression!”, and “We demand work or wages! May 1st International Workers Day!”

“US Imperialism is the Real Virus, Socialist Revolution is the Cure!”

Another banner reading “No rent without work or wages!” also appeared over IH35 later in the week.

“No Rent without Work or Wages”