Los Angeles: Police Repress Child’s Birthday Party

Cover Image: Police attempt to disperse child’s birthday party

By Gabriel Roshan

On Saturday, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) shut down a group of 30 Black people celebrating a child’s birthday party, to which the masses defied police orders. LAPD was called in to enforce the citywide “safer at home order” to prevent the spread of COVID-19, signed by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. This order forces the masses to self-quarantine, including missing work unless they provide “essential services” or can work from home. They are only to leave the house for essential needs such as groceries, medical care, and taking care of friends and family. In LA, there is a ban on gatherings of 10 or more, which has less to do with preventing the spread of the virus than hiding the deepening economic crisis

It is no surprise that the families still gathered to celebrate this birthday. In contrast to the hysteria created by the imperialists, many workers understand that the spread of COVID-19 is not something to separate from one another over. Gatherings of working people, celebratory or otherwise must be defended from police attacks which will continue to happen especially in Black, Chicano and immigrant working class neighborhoods.  The state excuses such anti-democratic harassment and assault under the pretext of health concerns, history proves that Black working class communities in LA have always been targeted by such hostility.