With Colonial Arrogance, USA Tries to Prevent Masks from Being Sold to Other Countries

The following is an unofficial translation of the article “Com arrogância colonial, USA tenta impedir que máscaras sejam vendidas a outros países” from revolutionary Brazilian newspaper A Nova Democracia

By Matheus Garcia Da Silva

Donald Trump, USA’s arch-reactionary president, on April 2 signed the Defense Production Act, Korean War-era legislation, taking steps to prevent the arrival of masks, especially the N95 (the most effective against the new coronavirus) in Latin America and Canada.

Hours after the law was signed, Trump went on the Internet to scold 3M for exporting the masks to other countries: “We hit 3M hard after seeing what they were doing with their masks.” And he said: “They will pay a high price!”

The following day, the 3M economic monopoly, which produces protective goods, said in a statement that it has been following government orders and increasing the manufacturing of masks with its great industrial strength, sending them all to the USA, including those made in China.

At the news conference given the following day, Trump said he also signed a new order preventing not only the export of masks, but other medical items and supplies used against Covid-19.


In France, Germany and Brazil, orders for masks, respirators and health items purchased have been confiscated and taken over by Yankee imperialists. One of the practices done is to offer a larger amount, or an advance payment for the items, so that they are diverted on their way and arrive in the USA. Such practices have been widely denounced as modern piracy.

On April 3, it was reported that 200,000 masks ordered by Germany were “confiscated” in Bangkok, Thailand. Also on the 3rd, a cargo of 600 artificial respirators ordered from a Chinese supplier by states in northeastern Brazil was unable to board the Miami airport for Brazil.

This new policy of Yankee imperialism makes clear the feeling of disgust that the bourgeoisie of that country feels for other countries, considered by them as inferior or unworthy to be treated on an equal basis. However, all the wealth that the wealthy Yankees waste is extracted from the exploitation of the popular masses of the oppressed nations and their own country.