Week in Struggle: April 10-16


April 11 marked the one-year anniversary of the murder of Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino, at the hands of a paramilitary ambush in San Francisco Ixhuatán, Oaxaca. The reactionary paramilitaries that killed him were acting in the interests of the imperialist wind energy megaprojects, which today seek to displace and dominate the indigenous people and poor peasants of the Tehuantepec Isthmus. “Comandante Gato,” as he was affectionately known by the local community, was a leader of revolutionary organization Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo and a founder of the Committee for the Defense of the Land of the Eastern Zone of the Isthmus. He was a tireless fighter of the people against imperialism and the reactionary Mexican state, leading the installation of Community Camps in lands affected by transnational companies, as well as the occupation of federal and state government offices, road blockades, mass mobilizations, and payment strikes against the high rates of electric energy.

Justice for Luis Armando!

Comandante Gato Lives On in the Struggle!

Under the guise of managing the Coronavirus pandemic, the British have called in their occupying military to patrol the streets of Belfast. The organization Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland (AIA) reported the following on their social media page, “There is no place in Ireland for British Imperialism or the British Military. These terrorist shock troops are the enemies of the Irish Working Class and should be treated as such.”

The increased activity of the occupation forces has not stopped AIA from their commemoration of the Easter Uprising. AIA mobilized for a wreath-placing ceremony at the grave sites of rebels in Armagh City and Belfast. AIA has begun recruitment drives across the 32 counties. Posters demanding “Brits out!” have appeared across the so-called “free state”, which consists of the semi-colonial counties of the Republic of Ireland in the south and the occupied counties in the north, which are a colony proper.


Solidarity was shown to the Irish people to commemorate the Easter Rising, with walls painted in Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Freiberg and other cities. Graffiti was  painted with slogans; ‘The Blood of the fallen heroes demands: Forward on the path to people’s war!’ and ‘Ireland unfree will never be at peace!’ as well as flags with a hammer and sickle and the Starry Plough, a traditional symbol of Irish resistance to British imperialism.


Five members of the elite forces of the old Indian state were killed on March 11 by Kashmiri rebels.

A few days’ later, rebels attacked security forces, during a cordon and search operation. The reactionary forces were fired upon by the insurgents.  

The oppressed people cannot expect or accept temporary peace or cease fires with the old Indian state; pandemic or not, the people must rebel. According to the revolutionary website Dem Volke Dienen, “Even if the imperialists and their lackeys do not want to believe it, the pandemic does not change the resistance of the oppressed peoples.”


Austin. Promotion of the Rent Strike and other struggles against exploitation and oppression associated with the economic crisis continue. Wall paintings reading “no rent without work or wages” and other militant slogans continue to appear almost daily, making city travel nearly impossible without being confronted with revolutionary slogans. 

The observation of International Workers Day and promotion for the election boycott with graffiti also continue uninterrupted.

Revisionist graffiti in the form of a large poster installation, put up by the corporate ‘artist’ Shepard Fairy (famous for designing Barak Obama’s campaign posters), was covered up by a tribute to Chairman Gonzalo. The image of the Chairman of the Communist Party of Peru and world’s greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist was placed to completely cover the image of Angela Davis, a revisionist of the right-wing and capitulationist “CPUSA” who has now turned into a contemporary postmodernist icon. Slogans of surrender were replaced with the slogan; “Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo!”  The action was carried out after the reactionary courts of the old Peruvian state refused to grant him release, in spite of his at-risk status caused by age and poor health.

Charlotte. A banner was pasted near the dumpsters of 1701 Cityview apartments, a site of housing struggles with abbreviated demands raised from tenant complaints. The location is one the tenants pass by daily.

Los Angeles. Graffiti has appeared in working class neighborhoods promoting the slogans of the Rent Strike, No rent without work or wages.