Social Fascist Ilhan Omar Supports Deadly Sanctions Against Iran

By Peter Cherry

Minnesota congresswoman and social democrat Ilhan Omar has signed on to imperialist America-Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) statement calling for support around Donald Trump as he extends crippling sanctions on Iran, just as they were set to be lifted according to a 2015 agreement.

The sanctions Omar supports have served the purpose of inflating the prices of food, fruits, and dairy products as the rial, Iran’s currency, rapidly devalues. It has made life-saving medicines and medical equipment inaccessible just as the coronavirus starts to ravage the country.

This has increased the death and suffering of untold numbers of the Iranian masses, with a media blackout around the sanctions being used to ramp up aggression towards the country as part of US imperialism and Israel’s policy of asserting control over the region’s petroleum resources and transportation lines.

Ilhan Omar’s past call for lifting sanctions (and for other positions which have been labeled by social democrats as “anti-imperialist”) in the past stands in contrast to her signing of this statement. While Omar has spoken out against sanctions on paper, her office has said that she “has consistently, for a long time, supported arms embargoes for human rights abusers.”  Omar has been a celebrity for social democrats, especially for her proposal for rent and mortgage cancellation, which has been a cause of many reformist mis-leaders who have called for channeling the rent strike struggle into a capitalist legislative framework. She and others know this legislation is likely dead on arrival, but this doesn’t stop her from promoting the impossibility that the imperialist government she is part of will cancel the ruling class’ ability to accumulate capital in real estate.

Omar and other ‘progressive’ members of the ruling class find themselves compelled in every possible way to conceal and embellish their imperialist links. She and other social democrats in Congress, like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, try to dupe the workers and divert their attention, and the best means to that end is concealing their support for war plans by hiding the scale of aggression and impact on oppressed people in colonies and semi-colonies through pretending that certain actions aren’t as severe as outright invasion and occupation. They do this, in this instance, by pretending that the sanctions are less deadly than war itself, as if they are not part of a buildup towards imperialist war.

All talk of anti-imperialism is a sheer deception of the people by these phony ‘socialists,’ who are desperately demanding the people support them in elections. They have always been in service to their imperialist government and the Democratic Party, and act as though peace can be achieved through entering the present government in elections. This is a lie—imperialism’s armed domination of the majority of the world can only be ended by working-class revolution to overthrow the ruling class. All those who conspire against the interest of workers and the oppressed people of the world must be fought against relentlessly, and that is why revolutionaries across the US have taken up the election boycott campaign.