Week in Struggle: May 1-7


The People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) blew up a strategically important bridge with an improvised explosive device in Chhattisgarh, frustrating the ability of the old state to move counterinsurgency troops against the People’s War.

Bridge destroyed by PLGA in Chhattisgarh


Militants with the Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants of Turkey (TİKKO) led by the Communist Party of Turkey/ Marxist-Leninist (TPK/ML) blocked off a road in the Gülsuyu district in Istanbul with molotov cocktails. They also hung a banner reading “Glory to Our 48th Year of Struggle,” as well as another paying homage to revolutionary musician Helin Bölek, who died in April after a year of death fasting (hunger strike) in protest of state repression against the members of Grup Yorum, of which she was a member.

“Glory to Our 48th Year of Struggle – TKP/ML TİKKO”


The first Sanitary Committee for Popular Defense in the São Francisco Valley was formed in Petrolina. The committee has been collecting fabric and gaining the support of seamstresses in order to make protective masks for the people, as well as distributing pamphlets denouncing the role of the reactionary old state in the dismantling of the healthcare system and subsequent outbreak of COVID-19.


In Freiburg, antifascists stood against a demonstration of the reactionary AfD party around the fascist city councilman Dubravko Mandic. According to revolutionary news source Dem Volke Dienen, “Mandic counts among his great role models such as Ernst Jünger (important representative of the so-called ‘Conservative Revolution’ and supporter of Hitler Fascism) and Carl Schmitt (NSDAP member, ardent advocate of the ‘Führer principle’ and ‘crown lawyer of the third reich’).” The AfD rally was similar in fashion to the reactionary protests in the US, condemning coronavirus restrictions in the name of ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom.’ Antifascists blocked the road for a period of time before facing harsh repression from the police.

Antifascists block road leading to AfD rally


In the Canadian city of Guelph, six different banks were targeted with graffiti, which included slogans like “RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) funds genocide,” “Capitalism is the virus” and “No work, no payments.”

Graffiti on Royal Bank of Canada building in Guelph

United States

Charlotte. Residents of the Ponderosa Apartments, located in the Black working-class neighborhood of Ponderosa, gathered in front of the leasing office to demand an end to rent hikes. Over the course of the pandemic, the property management company raised rents anywhere between $30-$200 per month. Other demands include a stop to arbitrary towing, repairs on roofs and essential fixes, and end to late fees during the pandemic.