Charlotte: Protesters Confront Serial Rapist at Home

By Miriam Cordova

On Wednesday evening in Charlotte, activists held a demonstration at the home of local serial rapist Brian Williams. The protesters assembled on Williams’ front lawn and pounded on his front door, chanting, “Brian Williams go away! Serial rapists have to pay!”

Williams came to the door multiple times and attempted to intimidate activists by brandishing a shotgun and threatening to kill them before calling the police. Activists also report that his car had been keyed, although it is unclear whether this occurred before or during the protest.

Williams is notorious on the East side for serial rape, physical assault, and sexual harassment. He has repeatedly crossed sexual boundaries without consent and many other women have reported him for sexual harassment.

Williams would use the dating app Tinder to lure victims, and deceive them by using the pictures of one of his victims. He has pressured his victims to testify on his behalf in a custody battle for his child, along with pressuring them to watch his child, clean his home, and cook for him all in the name of “kink.” Most of his victims were black women, and he would openly display white chauvinism towards them. He has also used the court system against one victim and threatened to sue an activist for exposing his predatory and abusive behavior.