Brazil: Military Police Arrest 112 Antifascist Demonstrators

By Nélida Tello

A demonstration against fascist President Jair Bolsonaro and the military high command scheduled for the morning of June 7 at the Mercado de São Braz in the city of Belém was heavily repressed by Military Police before it could even begin. Demonstrations were held in 11 states as well as the federal capital.

Before the demonstration stated, Belém Superintendence of Mobility (SEMOB) in coordination with the Military Police surrounded and blocked the immediate area with various police squads, mounted police, and police dogs. Police officers raided public transportation headed to the center of Belém, searching through passengers’ belongings, and harassed people within blocks of the market. 112 arrests, including 16 minors, were made before the demonstration started, and taken to the Cremation Section to give testimony.

Police relied on decree number 800/2020, prohibiting the gathering of 10 or more people, to crack down on the demonstration. People reported physical altercations with the police, and the Paraense Society for the Defense of Human Rights (SDDH) denounced the actions of the police as violating human rights and specifically targeting antifascist demonstrations.