Brazil: Favela Rebels After Police Murder 15 Year Old Boy

By Nélida Tello

Protests erupted in Vila Clara, a favela south of São Paulo, after 15 year old Guilherme Silva Guedes was kidnapped and killed by two off duty police officers Sunday night.

Guedes was tortured before being shot twice in the head and hand after being chased, detained, and forced into a car by two plainclothes officers. The identity of the police is unknown, however a military police badge with the “SD PM Paulo” logo was found next to Guedes’ body, causing an uproar in Vila Clara.

Flames swept through Vila Clara on Monday as protesters incinerated ten buses, while other buses and vehicles were destroyed with rocks during the protest. Protesters restricted police access to certain roads with burning barricades and forced shock troops to retreat by throwing stones. Only one arrest was made, as police officers were seen indiscriminately punching, kicking, and beating protesters throughout the night.

The protest quickly spread to neighbor city Diadema where Guedes’ body was found. The Metropolitan Civil Guard (GCM) was deployed against the protest alongside armored vehicles.  Protesters bravely beat back the GCM and successfully attacked two of their vehicles and injured one civil guard. The GCM ultimately used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

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