Week in Struggle: June 12-18


Slogans denouncing the value of emergency aid were painted on the walls of several branches of Caixa Econômica Federal, the largest government-owned bank in Latin America, in various neighborhoods in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. The paintings read, “$600 Reals and Crumbs! Bolsonaro/Murderous Generals!” referencing the reactionary union between Brazil’s fascist President Jair Bolsonaro and the military generals within the government who seek to brutally repress the people and Democratic movement around the country. The paintings were signed by the Worker’s Leage.


Young revolutionaries in Medellin called for demonstrations to commemorate June 8-9 as days of the Combative Student of the People, in solidarity with the uprisings in the United States, in rejection of state repression and the assassinations of the Peoples’ children, and rejecting the recent influx of Yankee troops into the country.

The protests occurred under state restrictions related to the Coronavirus, but the youth were not intimidated, taking to the streets to carry out their actions. They marched in the name of students, youth, and peasants who have been murdered by the state.

After defying police attempts to shut down the march, they hung an American flag from a pedestrian bridge and lit it on fire. They ended their spirited action with slogans calling to: “Serve the people with all our heart, as a shock troop for revolution!” and “Students, like steel we will fuse ourselves with the people!”


In a visit to Urcuquí, Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner’s motorcade was blocked by the Defense Front for the Rights of the Workers of Imbabura. His security detail responded with heavy violence against the People, launching tear gas and threatening the demonstrators with firearms, but the people were unafraid and resisted forcefully.


In Freiburg, a rally against racist police violence was held in solidarity with ongoing demonstrations in the US and against racist killings in Germany, including the murder of Adel B., who was killed by the Essen police force during a mental health crisis. The rally was held in a working class district, with attendance mainly from the nearby community. The main banner read, “Justice for George Floyd and Adel B.! – Against Pig Terrorism and Racism.” The rally included the participation of musicians, who led the crowd in singing Bella Ciao.


Anti-Imperialist Action has organized the defense of a statue of Seán Russell, the former chief of staff of the IRA, which has been the focus of calls for removal as part of an Anti-Republican campaign. Anti-Imperialist Action stated:

Seán Russell was not a Nazi. Those that describe him as such do so to attack the Republican Movement. Calls to remove the 1940s IRA Monument in Fairview Park must be seen in the context of the Free State’s War On Republicanism and the ongoing Counter Revolution to suppress the All Ireland Republic.

Anti Imperialist Action have established a daily watch on the Russell Statue and will defend it against any attack. We will not stand by while the Free State attempts to attack the Republican Movement or mislead the Irish People with a Revisionist version of history.

We send a very clear message to the Free State and anti republican elements that would attack the 1940s IRA Monument as an attack on Republicanism today,

Hands off Seán Russell!

In Dublin, an ongoing action was held to raise awareness of the Basque political prisoners held by the Spanish imperialist state. One prisoner had just ended a hunger strike with demands for prisoners to be in jails closer to family and for an end to mistreatment by prison staff. The Dublin Basque Solidarity Committee wrote: “The four weeks of pickets had been organized in Dublin and Derry by a broad coalition of the Dublin Anti-Internment Committee, Derry Anarchists, Anti-Imperialism Flying Column and Dublin Basque Solidarity Committee. A spokesperson intimated at the conclusion that the organizers would reduced the frequency of the pickets, now that the urgency had passed but asked the participants to remain in contact because “the struggle goes on”.”


Members of the Jeunes Revolutionaires (Young Revolutionaries) paid tribute to fallen TIKKO soldier, Hasan Atas, who died in a clash with Turkish police forces. They wrote:

As long as there are people ready to take back the flag you carried, you will be immortal, comrade, because you continue to live through our struggles. The flame of a revolutionary cannot be extinguished by the simple waves of reaction, for it is animated not by a single person, but by all those who everywhere dare to struggle and raise their heads.

Honor to you comrade! Martyrs are immortal! Hasan Ataș, present in the fight!

Long live the TKP / ML! Long live the TIKKO! long live the world proletarian revolution!

United States

Numerous displays of graffiti commemorating the 34th anniversary of the Day of Heroism were seen around the country, with slogans like “Glory to the Day of Heroism,” “Genocide in the Shining Trenches of Combat,” “Glory to the Heroes of the Peruvian People,” “Punish the Guilty, Long Live the Day of Heroism,” and “Honor and Glory to the Combatants in the Shining Trenches of Combat.”


A banner calling to defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo was also seen alongside Day of Heroism displays in Charlotte, which included educational articles on the history of the state’s genocide of prisoners of war in Lurigancho, Callao, and El Fronton.

Banners were placed at the front entrance and over the leasing office door at Ponderosa Apartments, where tenants continue to experience rent hikes. The banners stayed up over 48 hours.

The monument in front of the Charlotte District Attorney’s office was also vandalized with the words ‘Combat + Resist CMPD,’ and a hammer and sickle. The office is located in the heart of Charlotte, where the protests spurred by the police murder of George Floyd have been centered.

Los Angeles

“Glory to the Fallen Heroes, Long Live Revolution! 6/19/1986-2020”

St. Louis



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