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By the Editorial Board

Tribune of the People is a project that is less than a year old. Our new publication has steadily grown through the dedicated activity of our distributors and journalists, who earn the status of a revolutionary news service daily on the front lines of the class struggle. We have seen rapid growth due to the economic crisis and mass uprisings against the police and we need your support to sustain our paper and our work on the ground.

Police have brutalized, beaten, hospitalized, or arrested our reporters for being on the front lines of protests and reporting them from a proletarian viewpoint. Our paper has made necessary interventions in the mass movement, and through its distribution at protests, has provided political education for the people who by-and-large harbor justified skepticism against the ruling class-owned media.

Tribune of the People does not have corporate sponsors or a paid staff, we are an independent and volunteer-run media outlet unlike any other in the US as a result of our ideology and political line. Our correspondents have captured video and photographs that have been used by the mainstream media, being the first on the scene when the police shot Brad Levi Ayala, a working class Chicano youth of 16 in Austin, Texas, causing him to be placed in critical condition. Our comrade on the scene wasted no time getting the attention of protest medics, while being fired upon by the forces of reaction. This is part of serving the people, and each member of our news service is committed to taking whatever risk is necessary to bring a revolutionary viewpoint to the news and events affecting the working class.

We call upon our readers old and new to help our publication grow and survive, we need economic, political, and moral support. The money we raise from your support will go to purchasing equipment and dispatching reporters to cover important events around the country. We aim to send representatives to train new journalists and distributors in places where our paper has interest but no presence. The financial burden has fallen on the donations of our members, and the small amount of funds raised through events held by our paper. Our paper is distributed in print and online for free. If you have found it useful please consider sending a few dollars our way so that we can expand and continue.

Tribune is the only Marxist-Leninist-Maoist news service in the US, it represents the indefatigable ideology of the proletariat which can and will transform this old backward world. It is one trench of combat among many, but a very important one that must rely on the people for its sustenance. We wish to keep our paper free of charge so that it can reach those who need it most, and most often live on the bare minimum: the unemployed, low wage workers with families, undocumented people, the black working class kept in poverty and under the heel of racist capitalist police oppression. Your donations help us in our work of bringing Maoism to these communities.

When comrades at our news service are beaten or jailed by police, it is not only an attack on the bourgeois “freedom of the press” which only exists on paper for the propertied class to promote its views, it is an attack on the peoples movement, on small steps toward reaching class consciousness as a class for itself. These attacks will not break our project, but the financial setbacks must be overcome with your help and support.

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