Tribune Solidarity Action with the People of Lebanon

This past Sunday, the Austin Tribune of the People Support Committee carried out an agitation and solidarity action in support of the Lebanese people who are recovering from the devastating explosion in Beirut and struggling against their imperialist-backed ruling class. The SC distributed articles on the explosion and delivered a speech in front of the J.J. Pickle Federal Building in downtown Austin, which we share a video and transcript of below.

We’re here today to express our solidarity with the people of Lebanon and to firmly oppose imperialist foreign aid!

Earlier this month a huge explosion rocked the capital city of Beirut, killing over 100 people, injuring thousands, and leaving over 300,000 people homeless. People have taken to the streets in Lebanon, outraged because this tragedy was entirely preventable.

The Lebanese government had known about this stockpile of explosive materials in a warehouse near the port for six years and did nothing about it.

Instead of making good on their mistakes, Lebanese politicians have instead retaliated against the very people their government’s negligence has harmed. These politicians have handed control of Beirut over to the military, which is funded by US imperialism, in order to crush the uprising that has threatened their rule. We wholeheartedly support the Lebanese people as they resist this repression. It is right to rebel!

In response to the aftermath of the explosion, French president Emmanuel Macron has pledged to save Lebanon with so-called humanitarian aid. We see through the lies of French imperialism, which only seeks to expand its influence over the country in service to US imperialism. Lebanon was a former colony of France, and Macron wants to bring it back into the fold. The people of Lebanon do need basic necessities. What they do not need is to be blackmailed by imperialists.

The US has sent a total of $15 million in food and medical supplies to Lebanon since the explosion, but how many billions of dollars has the US prevented from reaching the Lebanese people through its sanctions? In an effort to isolate Lebanon from the rest of the Middle East, sanctions from the Trump administration have forced Lebanese banks to close, stopped oil coming in from Iran, and interfered with trade.

US imperialism has on the one hand targeted any group that resists US aggression in Lebanon, while on the other hand supported a Lebanese ruling class that is most subservient to imperialist domination. It is this Lebanese ruling class, which mainly cares about serving the profit-seeking monopoly interests of the US, that failed to deal with the stockpile of explosive materials before it was too late. It is this Lebanese ruling class, which is so preoccupied with pleasing its imperialist masters, that it ignores imminent dangers to its own people. That is why we say that imperialism caused the explosion in Lebanon!

As activists in the US, our solidarity with the people of Lebanon must be anti-imperialist! We condemn the offers of humanitarian aid which have nothing to do with caring about the Lebanese people and everything to do with keeping them under the thumb of US imperialism. We honor the people of Lebanon who are fighting for national liberation by fighting for revolution here in the US. Together we must unite against our common enemy!

Fight for the people of Lebanon!

Foreign Aid is Imperialist Blackmail!

Unite Against US imperialism!


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