Week in Struggle: September 11-17


The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) titled “HONOR AND GLORY TO COMRADE NUBAR’S COMMITMENT AND THE PASSION OF COMRADE ROSA! COMMUNIST LEADER COMRADE NUBAR IS IMMORTAL!” memorializing the two guerrillas who were killed by the fascist Turkish state on September 9. Read our full coverage here.


Poor peasants of the Manoel Ribeiro Camp, occupying the land of the former Santa Elina farm where the heroic resistance of Corumbiara took place 25 years ago, have seen an increase in families moving into the camp and an increase in production despite intimidation and repression from military police. Read our full coverage here.


Combative protests have swept the major cities in Colombia in response to the police murder of 46 year-old Javier Ordoñez. The most combative protests have seen notable participation of the Student Movement in Service of the People (MESP), and the Student Union for the People (UEP). Read our full coverage here.


Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo announced the resumption of its mobilizations in the face of the anti-popular policies of the state and federal governments.  At the event where this was announced, it was reported that as of September 23 they will resume their mobilizations in various regions, in the framework of the 65th anniversary of the assault on the Madera Barracks, and on September 26, the organization will join the mothers and fathers of the 43 normalista students of Ayotzinpa in the framework of the sixth anniversary of their forced disappearance.

At the end of the event, the protesters placed a guillotine with the heads of the former presidents of Mexico,


Jeunes Revolutionnaires (Young Revolutionaries) documented several displays of international solidarity in the framework of the campaign to stop the extradition of the Irish Republican Liam Campbell to Lithuania. The slogans, “Stop the Extradition of Liam Campbell” and “Freedom for Liam Campbell” were used in graffiti and a banner drop.


In the spirit of the movement for Black lives and against the police, activists from the Struggle Committee in Norway held actions in five cities across the country (Trondheim, Bergen, Ålesund, Kristiansand, Oslo) commemorating the police murder of Eugene Obiora 14 years ago.


Revolutionaries in Zurich hung banners reading, “Communist Leader Erol Volkan Ildem (Nubar) is Immortal!” and “People’s Combatant Fadime Cakil (Rosa) is Immortal!” both signed by TKP/ML, in memory of the TIKKO fighters who were killed on September 9 in the People’s War in Turkey.


In Linz, revolutionary Turkish and Austrian women’s organizations (Purple-Red collective and Red Women’s Committee) held a rally against the shifting of the economic crisis on the people. Speeches were held here in German and Turkish, which among other things emphasized the situation of women; activists also performed a street play and distributed flyers.


Irish Socialist Republicans in Dublin removed red poppy wreaths, a symbol of British unionists in Ireland, from British and US embassies as well as pro-British armed forces and burned them. A statement from Anti Imperialist Action read, “Britain has no right to be in Ireland and Anti Imperialist Action Ireland will not stand by and allow the glorification of Imperialist war, the illegal occupation of our Country or fundraising for Britain’s terrorists.”

United States


On September 16, Serve the People and other activists, people of Wilkinsburg, and the family of Romir Talley disrupted the Wilkinsburg borough council meeting demanding answers and calling for the firing of Robert Gowans, the policeman who murdered Romir. As a supporter of STP passed out flyers demanding “People’s Justice for Romir Talley,” she was immediately rebuked by council president Pam Macklin, who dismissed the council early and refused to listen to the people there for the proceedings. When the council members attempted to leave the crowd blocked the entrance, arguing with them and demanding they go back to their seats to answer questions. Macklin later told the media that this event was the work of outsiders to the community.

The Pittsburgh Tribune of the People Support Committee held an educational event on the People’s War in India, discussing the conditions leading to the Naxalbari Uprising, the People’s War, and how the fascist Modi government has been repressing dissenters like the poet-activist Varavara Rao, who was charged with “fueling violence” for sympathizing with the struggle there.

“The People’s War in India is not just the struggle of my people, the people of India, but this is our struggle, the struggle for the entirety of the international working class and oppressed peoples,” the speaker emphasized. The speaker drew parallels of how the death of a peasant man, Bigul Kisan, in Naxalbari acted as the catalyst for the Naxalbari uprising in India to the uprisings in the US today. The event was carried out in solidarity with the People’s War in India, and to raise the demand to free Vara Vara Rao and G.N. Saibaba.

Attendees raised a banner reading, “Long Live the New Democratic Revolution in India!” Elsewhere in the city, graffiti was seen reading, “Long Live the People’s War in India!”


The Charlotte Tribune of the People Support Committee hosted a cultural event and cookout to discuss the eviction crisis and the need to organize the working class to fight for revolution. A member of the United Neighborhood Defense Movement gave a speech on their work with eviction defense nationally, and a member of the Support Committee gave a speech on how the recent mass rebellions are tied to the deeper economic crisis of imperialism, and that the only solution for the working class is to fight for revolution.  Attendees studied materials from UNDM’s recent campaign against a slumlord in Wilkinsburg (outside of Pittsburgh), as well as the election boycott campaign.

Graffiti reading, “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” along with a hammer and sickle was also seen in the city.

Kansas City

Several displays of graffiti supporting the political prisoners and People’s War in India as well as the election boycott campaign in the US were documented around the city. Slogans included, “Long Live the People’s War in India,” “Free Saibaba, Free Varavara Rao,” and “Elections No! Revolution Yes!”


Graffiti in solidarity with the People’s War in India led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), reading, “Long Live the People’s War in India!” were documented along with a hammer and sickle.

There was also graffiti in solidarity with the protests against police violence in Colombia as well as slogans promoting the election boycott.


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