Week in Struggle: September 25-October 1


An action by Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) militants was carried out in the Umraniye neighborhood of Istanbul, where a banner reading, “We Will Fight Like Nubar and Rosa, We Will Widen the Line of War” was erected along with the use of incendiary devices. Militants provided the following statement from the mountains of Dersim during times of war:

“We will commemorate the Communist Leader Nubar, who defended the area in the Dersim mountains during the war in a period of despair and frustration, and Rosa, an eagle of the mountains who commanded in the war, with the call to widen the war. Glory to the militants who have maintained this fight for 48 years, and greetings to the unyielding will inherited from Comrade Kaypakkaya.”


Graffiti signed by the Women’s Movement Anita Garibaldi (MFA) was documented on walls in the cities of Curitiba and Pinhais. Demands to cancel electricity and water bills have been made by MFA, as well as demands for wages, food, funding of public transportation, and mass testing as a health measure to prevent Covid-19.

Graffiti from the Popular Revolutionary Student Movement (MEPR) in Chupinguaia was painted as part of their solidarity campaign with the Agrarian Revolution and the Camp Manoel Ribeiro. MEPR also distributed flyers and fundraised for the 200 families that occupy the Nossa Senhora Aparecida estate. The graffiti reads, “Long live the Agrarian Revolution! Long live the Camp Manoel Ribeiro!”

The Front in Defense of the People’s Health (FDSP) in the outskirts of the city of Porto Velho, Rondônia, have continued to show class solidarity through increased action. Young activists have collected food and materials for the production of masks and soap, as well as study and the distribution of produced materials, revolutionary pamphlets, and print issues of A Nova Democracia.

In addition to mobilizing in neighborhoods, activists from the Health Committees have also sent masks and soap to poor peasants, such as those at Camp Manoel Ribeiro, as a way to strengthen the prevention work against Covid-19 in areas where the Agrarian Revolution led by the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) is taking place .


This year marked the sixth anniversary of the disappearance of the 43 students from Ayoztinapa. Marches in solidarity with the 43 were held across Mexico. Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo held an event commemorating the 43 missing normalistas, coordinating with family members in the states of Guerrero, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, and the State of Mexico.

In Mexico City, the parents of the disappeared 43 and their classmates protested outside the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. In Chilpancingo, Guerrero, protesters set the State Congress on fire as a sign of the rage that overflows at this and other crimes committed against the people. In the City of Oaxaca, the Government Palace, dubbed the Palacio de la Ignominia (Palace of Disgrace), was surrounded by people and a 65-foot banner was draped across the building reading, “Truth and justice! #Ayotzinapa6Years #PresentDrSernasAlive!


On September 25, young workers and students from the city of Medellín gathered at the Park of Wishes to agitate against the police and the state’s hollow ‘reforms,’ and in support of the mass rebellion that has swept the major cities over the past month. Those present distributed flyers that explained the murder of Javier Ordoñez, concluding the event by chanting, “Combative, rebellious and popular youth, fight for a new society!”


The Defense of the Struggles of the People of Ecuador, the Committees of Poor Peasants and other organizations campaigned in support of the indigenous Mapuche struggle for land and in solidarity with their political prisoners.

“The communists of Ecuador, the peasant masses and all those who are committed to the New Democratic Revolution, extend a fraternal, combative and internationalist greeting to the poor peasantry of Chile, fundamentally to the Mapuche people today who have become the main force in the struggles for land and the revolutionary transformation of the old society.”


21 cities across Europe held events honoring Comrade Nubar and Combatant Rosa, who became martyrs in the People’s War in Turkey this month. Hundreds of people attended the various events across Europe. The commemorative events took place in Austria (Linz, Ternitz, Vienna, Innsbruck), Switzerland (Zurich), France (Paris), Germany (Stuttgart, Frankfurt), and Greece (Athens). In Bremen, they were also honored at events commemorating the anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo’s historic Transcendental Speech. In Freiburg, a minute of silence was observed in their honor.


Graffiti was seen in Hamburg reading, “Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo” in commemoration of the 28th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo’s Speech from the Cage.

Another event commemorating the 28th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo’s Transcendental Speech was held in Hamburg on September 25. The history of the People’s War in Peru was detailed and those presenting emphasized the significance of defending the life of Chairman Gonzalo.

24 September Hamburg 2

In Berlin, a demonstration was held on the 28th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo’s Speech of the Century, flyers were distributed in the area and participants chanted “Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo!” and “High international solidarity!”


Graffiti reading, “Long live CPI (Maoist)” accompanied by a hammer and sickle was seen in Trondheim. In Kristiansand, graffiti reading, “Support the People’s War in India!” and “Long live CPI (Maoist)” was also documented.


In Turku, several displays of graffiti were seen around the city, reading, “Defend the Life and Health of Chairman Gonzalo!” and “Long Live the PCP (Communist Party of Peru) and the People’s War!”


An action in Nørrebro was held to commemorate the 28th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo’s Speech of the Century. Participants carried a banner reading, “Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo!”


Members of Macradh- Irish Socialist Republican Youth carried a banner at Garda Headquarters in Dublin reading, “Garda/ RUC= MI5” as part of their All-Ireland campaign to challenge the ongoing and illegal British occupation. The head of the Free State Police, Drew Harris, is an MI5 agent and MI5 are in control of policing.

United States

Kansas City

On Saturday September 26, Serve the People (STP) held a film screening of LA92, a documentary about the 1992 Los Angeles riots after the brutalization of Rodney King, the events leading up to it, and its precursors reaching back to 1965. The event was held to stimulate discussion about what can be done in the context of the current movement for Black lives with the community in Kansas City.


In Austin this past week members of the Committee to Support the People’s Struggle in Brazil, joined by members of the local Tribune Support Committee, carried out multiple agitations against the recent state repression of the Camp Manoel Ribeiro in Rondônia. In addition to speeches, members handed out pamphlets which gave details of the military police’s retaliation for the historic retaking of the former Santa Elina lands led by the League of Poor Peasants as well as recent Tribune articles about the camp and the new People’s Assembly organized there.

Election boycott propaganda was spotted throughout Austin, with flyers pasted on walls and large signs reading, “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” along with hammer and sickles. Graffiti was also seen reading, “Don’t vote! Fight for revolution!” and, “No votar! Lucha por revolución!”

Graffiti in solidarity with the six political prisoners in Denver was also seen elsewhere in the city.


Graffiti was painted reading, “Don’t vote! Fight for Revolution” with a hammer and sickle.

Graffiti in solidarity with the six political prisoners in Colorado was also put up, reading, “Drop the Charges on the Colorado 6.”

Los Angeles

Graffiti reading, “Don’t vote! Fight for Revolution,” “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” along with hammer and sickle was documented in working class neighborhoods. Election boycott flyers were pasted, reading, “Every 4 years the ruling class chooses, no matter who wins, the working class class loses. Elections No! Revolution Yes!”


Last Friday afternoon, the Pittsburgh Tribune of the People Support Committee hosted an “Election Boycott BBQ Party” in Wilkinsburg. Signs reading, “Elections, no! Revolution, yes!” and “Don’t vote, fight for revolution!” were placed around the park as presenters spoke to those in attendance about the election boycott. One community member in attendance remarked, “I’m not voting for Biden or Trump! We need a real change.”

A banner and graffiti calling for People’s Justice for Romir Talley were seen in Wilkinsburg, the working class suburb where Talley was killed by police.


Graffiti in support of the People’s War in India and the fight for new democracy was seen in northern Philadelphia, reading, “Support the National Democratic Revolution in India.”

Saint Louis

Banners promoting the election boycott were raised by activists reading, “You can’t ‘vote in’ liberation,” “Don’t Vote, Fight for Revolution,” and “Death to US imperialism.”

Elsewhere in the city, graffiti reading, “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” was documented


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