Austin: Mike Ramos Brigade Hosts Presentation on Baltimore and Ferguson Uprisings

By Cesar Lozano

On Friday October 2, the Mike Ramos Brigade hosted a presentation on the 2014-2015 Ferguson and Baltimore uprisings, summarizing the lessons learned and how they apply to the current fight for Black lives. Nearly 100 people attended and enjoyed food and music in addition to the lecture.

The presentation highlighted the rebellion of the masses in Ferguson after the police murder of Mike Brown and in Baltimore after the police murder of Freddie Gray, while criticizing opportunists like Shaun King who have wasted the people’s righteous anger. According to the presenters, these liquidators not only capitalized on the movement for their own campaigns and non-governmental organizations (NGO) but also actively policed the people’s use of revolutionary violence in the interest of protecting private property over people’s lives.

At one point, an audience member interrupted the presenter on this point and said, “The burning of property has always had a negative impact on the cause, on the defenders, on the real goal of the message.” Some attendees responded belligerently to this disagreement and began to chant “Racist cops go to hell! It is right to rebel!” But at least one activist recognized that the man was not being antagonistic and pulled him aside to continue talking.

After the presentation, Tribune of the People interviewed several community members who expressed gratitude for the presentation which had inspired them to continue to struggle for people’s justice. Typically out in the streets at protests, the Mike Ramos Brigade emphasized with this presentation the importance of political education in the fight for Black lives as well as the necessity to build ties with the community through cultural events.


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