Oxnard: Activists Present on Local History of Police Brutality

By Serran Soledad

On Saturday, Oxnard Revolutionary Study group held a presentation on the history of police brutality in Oxnard.

The event, which was held at Rio Lindo Park, comes a week before the 8th anniversary of Alfonso Limon Jr’s death. Limon was murdered by the Oxnard Police Department in 2012, while walking home from a workout at Pacifica High School.

Around 40 community members attended Saturday’s event. Members of Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group gave speeches on six victims of police brutality, including Limon, while informational slides and pictures were projected in the background.

The speakers also tied the violence and criminalization faced by Oxnard’s working class to capitalism, outlining the police’s role in protecting property rather than serving the people.

A colorful banner was produced, depicting community members, students, and teachers beating down a police officer and military recruiter, with the slogan “Cops and Recruiters Off Our Schools” written at the top, a nod to the ongoing campaign taken up by Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group.

Tables were set up where food and revolutionary art was sold to raise legal funds for local activists facing state repression. An ofrenda (Day of the Dead altar) for the victims of police brutality was also set up.

Revolutionary Student News tabled at the event and distributed the first printed issue of their anti-imperialist newsletter. One member spoke on behalf of the group, stating, “High school students of Oxnard demand cops and recruiters get off our campuses. The Oxnard Police Department is an organization of killer cops that murder innocent people of our community and don’t belong anywhere near our schools.”

Calls for counter-protest against the event were made online via the reactionary Facebook group “Patriots of Ventura County,” but the event took place without disruption.


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