MFP Brazil: Long Live March 8th, International Working Women’s Day! Raise up the Women of the People for the Revolution!

Editor’s Note: We share this unofficial translation of a statement released by the Popular Women’s Movement (MFP) of Brazil published in honor of March 8, International Working Women’s Day.

By Movimento Feminino Popular

On this 8th of March, once again, we women of the MFP (Movimento Feminino Popular) – Popular Women’s Movement greet our glorious proletarian class and especially the women of the people of the world, affirming perfectly that this is the international day of the women of the people and not of all women, as all of bourgeois/petty-bourgeois feminism boasts, accompanied by the agencies of imperialism, press monopolies, and reactionary governments around the world.

We proudly salute from our feminine condition all the women of our heroic people, the workers, the peasants, the workers of commerce, transport and other services, the public workers, the domestic workers and housewives, the students, the professionals, liberals, intellectuals and progressive artists, we salute young women, adults and elderly women, we salute all the children of our country, affirming the hope of a New World with the certainty of the class and revolutionary struggle.

We revere the memory of the combatants, who in the history of class struggle in Brazil dedicated their lives to the revolution. Especially those who more deeply embodied the ideology of the proletariat and fought for the destruction of the old bureaucratic-landowning State and for New Democracy and Socialism in Brazil and Communism throughout the world. We salute the founder of the Popular Women’s Movement, our dear companion Sandra Lima, who left us on July 27, 2016, her tireless example of struggle and her conviction that “Brazil needs a REVOLUTION!”

Finally, we salute the proletarian women and the popular masses who fight with arms in their hands in the People’s Wars led by communist Maoist parties in Peru, India, Turkey, and the Philippines and in the liberation wars in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries dominated by imperialism.

We call on women to increase their mobilization, politicization, and organization with the understanding that the overcoming of all female oppression can only be achieved through the proletarian revolution, which in our country necessarily passes through the revolution of New Democracy without interruption to Socialism.

Awaken the revolutionary fury of women!

Vaccine for the people, now!

The widespread and unprecedented crisis in which we live is a sign of the times. It is the aggravation of the decomposition of bureaucratic capitalism as part of the general crisis of imperialism that has been exponentially exacerbated by the pandemic and reveals all the contempt of the political scoundrel in the service of his bourgeois landowner masters, the servants of imperialism, mainly Yankee. The example of the lack of oxygen in Manaus, in which the Bolsonaro government and generals left patients to die of starvation, and reveals how much they scoff at the suffering of the Brazilian people and despise their lives.

Some may consider the neglect to protect the people from the pandemic and to help the seriously infected to be simple incompetence, but, far from it, it is the most wide-ranging crime of denying care and the genocide of the more than 260,000 dead. After a year of real scorn against the people with the spread of false remedies for Covid-19, with the lack of beds in overcrowded hospitals, lack of mass tests, cuts in the health budget and for the support in obtaining and applying the vaccines, it is becoming increasingly clear that the real responsibility for the health collapse caused by real sabotages is with the old genocidal State through the reactionary transition government, today in fact commanded by the generals of the Armed Forces High Command behind the loudmouth captain, Bolsonaro, in a process of a preventative counter-revolutionary coup against the inevitable uprising of the masses.

The health ministry, led by the butcher General Eduardo Pazuello, has already authorized businessmen to commercialize the vaccine, removing all responsibility from the State to immunize the population, giving the affluent the guarantee not only of vaccination before the priority tracks, legalizing the action of skipping the line. A shameful example of national subjugation is the position of the Brazilian government that in November last year positioned itself at the WTO – World Trade Organization, for the continuity of patents, favoring large foreign capital and the pharmaceutical monopoly industry, preventing the Brazilian people from having their own autonomy in vaccine production. Meanwhile, these rulers, including the armed forces, shamelessly steal money from alcohol gel, tests, respirators, oxygen, syringes, and field hospitals. Bandits!

To cause confusion in the conscience of the people and to hide the weakness of his “government,” Bolsonaro and his reactionary and obscurantist followers declared war on vaccines, promoting misinformation and confusion. They are ignorant and criminal. The scientific method developed by mankind, of using the poison itself to fight the poison, has been practiced for more than two hundred years, since the 1790s, then to fight smallpox. If it weren’t for vaccines, a country that has been exploited for centuries like ours, without decent housing and basic sanitation, would never reach a life expectancy above 70 years. And in all this time of hardship and suffering, Brazil has developed the most advanced instruments in the world for mass vaccination. All of this has been thrown in the trash by the sabotage of this loudmouth president and his generals. And while more than 50 countries have already started to vaccinate their population, Brazil, the 2nd country in the world in number of deaths, still cannot seriously advance vaccination and or even give its people a boost.

We want the vaccine today, now, now! And for all the people, not this shameful projection that does not serve even the smallest minority of the population. Immunization must be immediately generalized. At this turtle’s pace in which vaccination is being carried out, it will take at least 5 years to be able to confront the virus. How many more deaths and suffering will it take for vaccination in our country to reach the entire population? We are falling ill without the right to tests (while millions are rotting in government warehouses), without sanitary conditions, languishing in the lines of this collapsing health system, with health professionals exploited to the maximum, physically and emotionally exhausted, whose death toll hits world records. The dearth of life and unemployment terrifies us day after day, without a job, without emergency aid, without money to pay absurd bills for electricity, water, gas, and rent. It is difficult to sleep when we look at our children and we do not know if we will have the minimum conditions for survival the next day. Our children and young people are falling ill at home without school, without the right to study and learn. We have to get home and still try to make up for the lack of school. We kill ourselves to teach something to our children after a whole day of hard work.

We want the immediate vaccination of teachers and other public school employees so that we can have school, work, and dignity to support our families! We demand emergency aid of 1000 reais until the end of the recession. We are women and men workers, we are the ones who build all the wealth of this country, wealth plundered day and night by the parasites that exploit us. The crisis, recession, and lack of jobs are not our responsibility. The State has an obligation to pay decent emergency aid and not this crumb of 250 reais [translator’s note: about $45] that is not enough to make a day for the month. We call on the people to demand the vaccine immediately, organize in the neighborhoods, at work, at school, etc., to promote popular protest and the just rebellion of the masses. Our organized revolt is the only guarantee we have that we will achieve everything that is rightfully ours.

Emergency aid of 1000 reais until the end of the recession!
Vaccine for the people, now!
It is right to rebel!

Promote the MFP Nucleus with the Popular Defense Sanitary Committees

The Women’s Popular Movement, along with other class organizations, has been promoting the creation and development in the neighborhoods, villages, peasant camps, schools, and universities throughout the country, of the Popular Defense Sanitary Committees. They are an organization of the people to defend themselves collectively and consciously against the pandemic, to supply their basic needs and gain rights. These Committees have acted by mobilizing the masses in political activities of organization in defense of public health, vaccination, and mass testing, activities of solidarity with the millions who have been falling into misery with the worsening of the economic crisis, reinforcement and cultural activities with the children who are out of school, making masks, producing gel alcohol, soap, etc.

The MFP understands that only with the popular organization can we defend ourselves in this pandemic, since public services are completely scrapped, the aid is a crumb, and the government has sabotaged vaccination. We believe in the capacity and strength of the popular organization. From the Popular Defense Sanitary Committees, we can scientifically instruct children, adults, and the elderly, to raise awareness about ways to protect against the virus, to guarantee sanitary conditions for collective activities. We cannot wait for said authorities to take the initiative to defend the people from all the consequences of the crisis. They have already demonstrated a thousand times that they do not care about the workers. Our job is to contribute to raise people’s awareness of their rights, unmasking all the deceptive propaganda of those rulers and those in power against the attacks of the Old State on the rights of the people and, part by part, to elevate the popular organization, the only guarantee of the conquest of our rights. Each step, each action is a powerful demonstration that the New will only come from the popular combative organization of the masses of working women and men in our country.

Long Live the Popular Women’s Movement!

Long Live the Popular Defense Sanitary Committees!


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