Week in Struggle: July 9-15


On July 8, the Sanitation Committee for Popular Defense in Ouro Preto (Comitê Sanitário de Defesa Popular de Ouro Preto) led a protest against the monopoly utility company Saneouro which has taken over the water system which was privatized by president Jair Bolsonaro’s government. Approximately 300 protesters marched in the streets against Saneouro, which has raised the cost of water. Banners read “Out with Saneouro,” and “Down with the genocidal military government and the sell-out Bolsonaro,” in reference to the Bolsonaro government handing the control of water to the monopoly.

Thousands of people protested across Brazil against the fascist President Jair Bolsonaro and the privatization of public services; solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants (LCP, Liga dos Camponeses Pobres) was seen during the demonstrations. Protesters faced state repression including tear gas and rubber bullets. Banners were signed by the Red Unit-Revolutionary Youth League (Unidade Vermelha – Liga Da Juventude Revolucionária), and the Popular Revolutionary Student Movement (Movimento Estudantil Popular Revolucionário). The banners read “Down with the military and genocidal government of Bolsonaro,” and “Down with the government of Bolsonaro and the Generals! For New Democratic Revolution!”

In Rio de Janeiro graffiti in support of the LCP read “Down with Bolsonaro’s genocidal military government,” and “Long live the LCP!”


The Workers’ Association “Adolfo Guerra” (Asociación de Trabajadores “Adolfo Guerra”) celebrated its 12th anniversary this month. The association was born out of the struggle against former President Rafael Correa’s fascist regime. Through struggle, the association was able to end job outsourcing at the North Electric Company. It has also forge a revolutionary line within the trade union movement, and has openly declared its support for a worker and peasant alliance.


In Berlin, graffiti was documented in support of local workers at Gorillas, a grocery delivery service, striking against recent firings and demanding better working conditions. The slogan read “Solidarity with labor disputes and strikes!” accompanied by a hammer and sickle.

Galicia (Spanish State)

Large posters were documented in Galicia as part of an agitation campaign for the Day of the Galician Homeland, a political celebration calling for Galician independence on July 25. The posters read “For the Socialist Galician Republic, support base for the World Proletarian Revolution!”


The revolutionary organization Anti Imperialist Action Ireland held a demonstration against the presence of British Imperialists and the British Military in Dublin, disrupting a ceremony organized by the British Legion, a charity for British veterans. The revolutionary activists made it past security and unfurled banners with the slogans, “No to the Glorification of Imperialist Wars- Brits Out,” “Britain Out of Ireland,” and “Free Ireland Now!”

A speech was given stating “The struggle for national liberation and Socialist Revolution continues today, and will continue until the reestablishment of the All Ireland People’s Republic. Actions such as we have taken today are important to demonstrate that Resistance against Imperialism in Ireland continues and that Revolutionary Socialist Republicans will continue to be at the forefront of opposing Imperialism in every part of Ireland.”

United States

Graffiti was documented in Los Angeles and Austin in solidarity to the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) and the agrarian revolution in Brazil. Slogans included “Freedom for Brazilian political prisoners from Camp Manoel Ribeiro!”, “Free Ricardo, Ezequiel, Luis Carlos, Estephane!”, “Long live the Brazilian agrarian revolution!”, and “Long live the LCP!”

Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Santa Paula

On Sunday, the anti-imperialist organization Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group (OxRevStudy) held an educational event on the history of police brutality in Ventura County. The event was held at a park in Santa Paula and featured portraits of the victims of police violence, and a large banner which read “Fight Back Against Police Brutality with Revolution!” Activists gave speeches detailing the stories of the various cases of police violence in the county. Community members also shared their own experiences with police brutality.


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