The Tremors of the Masses

By the Editorial Board Gaze ahead of you: the horizon is quaking, the calm between storms is passing, and the people are stirring once again in the United States, seething at the endless crimes of the Old State’s police forces, who wantonly murder the sons and daughters of the working class, especially Black and Latino workers and the poor. The ruling class can offer nothing … Continue reading The Tremors of the Masses

A First Glimpse of People’s Justice in Portland

By the Editorial Board Update: Late Thursday night, it was reported that Michael Forest Reinoehl, the suspected shooter of fascist Aaron J. Danielson, was gunned down by police. This can only be seen as political retaliation against the people for defending themselves with revolutionary violence. Read Tribune’s response to this development here. As the protest movement first ignited by the May Uprisings was beginning to … Continue reading A First Glimpse of People’s Justice in Portland